We are improving our operating model to become a more integrated and aligned bank with an adjusted operating model to meet risk-return-impact requirements. As such, we not only strive to realise better customer experience and responsiveness to customer needs via unified, digitally supported processes but also endeavour to generate a step-change in in-control and efficiency.

For 2022, eight key objectives have been formulated:

  1. Keep focus on our profitable lending growth and close monitoring of the portfolio

  2. Further enlarge our assets under management and related fee income and leverage the bank Investment Distribution Strategy

  3. Pursue balanced growth in mortgages, carefully considering impact, risk, and return

  4. Continue to manage the inflow of funds entrusted by taking further measures on rates and fees, or via other mechanisms

  5. Create efficiency and improve our cost-income-ratio by implementing our renewed Target Operating Model

  6. Continue to execute the roadmaps for business cases to:

    1. digitalise the banking operating model;

    2. protect our licence to operate;

    3. improve customer experience;

    4. and reduce costs.

  7. Execute our Capital Strategy as decided upon end of year 2021 by preparing for a listing on a Mutual Trading Facility (MTF) and execute a restricted buyback programme including a solidarity arrangement for a subset of DR holders

  8. Living up to our responsibility by strengthening our control environment