As a responsible employer, Triodos Bank focuses on creating a welcoming, inclusive environment. We believe each individual is important. Everyone should feel welcome, appreciated, safe and respected in our organisation.

The COVID-19 developments have shown us even more the importance of our personal health and well-being and that of our friends, family and colleagues. Triodos Bank takes the health and safety of co-workers seriously. We have paid considerable attention over the past year to supporting co-workers in this area.

As a responsible employer, we make space to discuss and learn about equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) issues and facilitate change where needed. Triodos Bank has taken steps to learn about blind spots, unconscious bias and to canvas co-workers’ views on EDI topics. We conducted an EDI survey in April 2021. Based on the results, an EDI year plan for 2022 has been approved by the Executive Board. The plan seeks to create more awareness, address unconscious bias, create a safe environment for dialogue sessions and kickstart self-driven initiatives.

The Diversity and Inclusion Officer works on the topic of EDI at Triodos Bank. She works closely with the Learning and Development Team, the Group Directors, Corporate Communications, and the Executive Board to make EDI-related change happen.

Triodos Bank’s role as a responsible employer is governed by the Group Director Human Resources at Head Office and specialists in its business units who have primary responsibility and resources to ensure the organisation delivers as a responsible employer, including the vitality and development of co-workers and a culture which supports our ambitions and mission. Their efforts are underpinned by policies, including on remuneration, and grievance mechanisms. Goals and targets are defined at Group level in the annual report and in local plans in the business units.