Triodos Regenerative Money Centre (TRMC) has functioned as a distinct business unit within Triodos Bank since 2019, managing both donations and catalytic investments. These assets under management are not consolidated in the balance sheet of Triodos Bank but are included in our total funds under management. In 2020, the assets related to catalytic investments were EUR 57 million. The assets under management related to donations were EUR 9 million. In 2020 EUR 2.2 million was donated to 156 initiatives.

The TRMC’s primary objective is to manage entities that lend, invest or donate money that have, as its main goal, making pioneering, transformative initiatives possible. Financing transformational change requires both gift money (or donations) and the development of more blended (and/or higher risk) finance products.

As part of the Centre, Stichting Triodos Foundation raises gift money from its clients and donates it to initiatives aligned with Triodos Bank’s core transition themes. Catalytic investments are provided through three funds of which Triodos Sustainable Finance Foundation is the largest entity. This entity lends to and invests in change-makers from the perspective of impact first.

TRMC is a relatively new division within Triodos Bank. Therefore 2020 has been a year of strategic development, defining optimal ways to put gift money and catalytic money to work to regenerate society and the planet in close collaboration with Triodos Bank and Triodos Investment management.

The main goal for 2021 is to bring the strategic direction into practice and to optimise cooperation with Triodos Bank and Triodos Investment Management in order to jointly accelerate our activities on our transition themes.