Triodos Bank sponsored and continued to participate in a pilot with a number of partners to create a True Cost Dashboard for Finance, Food and Farming during 2018. The pilot describes the real costs to the environment, health and society of a food business so investors and other stakeholders can make informed decisions based on the real cost of a particular business. Triodos Bank will continue to work with its partners in 2019 to determine if the findings can be applied in the business.

Triodos Investment Management further developed a project during the year to manage and communicate its impact and that of its investments more effectively. It updated an inclusive finance impact report, first published in 2016, and added an impact report for the organic growth fund during the year. We have prepared how to combine both approaches during the year and, as far as possible, will integrate them in our systems during 2019.

Triodos Bank has worked actively with partners in the GABV to develop a sustainable banking scorecard, which aims to show stakeholders how sustainable a bank is. For the first time a number of GABV member bank scorecards were published on a shared website ( during 2018. The scorecard is designed to enable better learning inside the member banks and opportunities to deepen an understanding of these sustainable banks’ impact for stakeholders outside them. We have presented the majority of the quantitative metrics reported in our scorecard, for the first time, in this year’s report (see appendix).

The impact data included in the Executive Board Report is in scope of the review procedures performed by the independent external auditor. Doing so is a logical extension of the auditing of our financial figures, as an integrated business that has sustainability at the core of its financial activity.