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The European branch network will continue to be at the heart of Triodos Bank’s efforts to grow sustainable banking and its impact. It will further build on efforts to actively promote and extend the idea of values-based bank and demonstrate how it can lead to long-term, deep-seated improvements in people’s quality of life.

In 2018 all Triodos Bank’s branches expect to develop further and grow organically.

In Spain, Triodos Bank will look for alliances with organisations who share its values. Its offices will be spaces for networking and encounters. Plans to offer Investment Funds to clients, for the first time, were postponed until 2018 due to the need to focus on the impact of new regulations. Efficiency will continue to be a key focus, to embed extensive developments in IT, products and services made during 2017.

The UK branch will focus on diversifying lending to increase social, cultural and environmental impact, while also looking to increase its social impact bond business – the raising of finance for clients in high social impact areas including youth unemployment, homelessness and children at the edge of care.

The Dutch branch will continue to build bridges between sustainable sectors to strengthen the sustainable business movement. It will use modern technology where it supports Triodos Bank’s human approach, improving client contact services during the year in particular. The branch personally contacts every new business or personal customer, when possible, helping to deepen their relationship with the organisation.

In Belgium Triodos Bank will continue to carefully manage funds entrusted in line with the loan portfolio. It will focus on sustained growth of the loan portfolio. Sustainable mortgages are expected to maintain their growth thanks to a formula which links increasing energy efficiency with declining rates. Diversification of the loan portfolio and increasing commission income will also be areas of focus.

In Germany the focus again will be to grow the loan book by developing new markets including sustainable consumption and to continue attracting large numbers of new retail customers. Customers’ online experience will be further improved to deepen relationships through new developments such as the launch of our new online presence.

All these efforts will lead Triodos Bank to increase the number of personal customers, investors, and borrowers it serves and to promote the powerful idea of using money consciously to create positive change. It will continue to focus squarely on positive impact, improving people’s quality of life in local markets on the strength of its pan-European base.