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Market and Core Activities

Triodos Bank aims to achieve its mission as a sustainable bank in three ways.

As a relationship bank

Triodos Bank’s service is built on deepening and developing long-term relationships with its customers. This singular focus on relationships is shared across the organisation, while how they are developed differs as the organisation benefits from unity within the diversity of its branches and geographies. It fosters these relationships through various on and offline channels, including offices where customers meet co-workers face-to-face, via the internet, over the phone and by post.

Triodos Bank’s aim is to create a broad customer base that’s closely connected to it – a combination of private and corporate customers who have made a conscious decision to bank with Triodos. Exactly how this happens also differs in each country; its services have developed in different ways in each of the countries where it works, depending in part on the stage of development of the branches and offices in question.

As a sustainable service provider

Bank customers not only want sustainable products and services, but also competitive prices and a professional service. Triodos Bank believes that these key customer values cannot be seen in isolation. So it tries to offer a collective package of banking services to promote sustainable development. And it does so, in the context of meaningful, transparent relationships with its customers.

Triodos Bank’s commitment to meaningful relationships as a key strategic objective, leads to the development of innovative products which directly reflect the mission and values at the core of its work. Product development takes place in all countries.

As a reference point

Triodos Bank wants to stimulate public debate on issues such as quality of life, corporate social responsibility and sustainable banking. Its stakeholders have also encouraged it to focus on its role as a thought leader. Triodos Bank wants to use over 35 years’ experience to encourage society to promote more sustainable development. The implications of this public debate extend well beyond the activities of Triodos Bank itself. Triodos Bank’s vision and approach has led to international recognition. Its participation in the public debate, often through high impact events that it hosts and participates in, means people can see what Triodos Bank stands for and hear its opinions about important social trends. Triodos Bank’s identity is crucial in this respect, strengthening the Triodos Bank brand and reputation.