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Environmental Report

Triodos Bank’s mission means that it both finances enterprises that make a positive environmental difference through its business, and takes great care of its own environmental performance as a company.

It is the reason Triodos Bank was one of the first in the world to produce an environmental report. And it is why it continues to try to play a leading role, exemplifying how businesses in general, and a values-based bank in particular, can operate in an environmentally responsible way.


Triodos Bank
offsets 100%
of its CO2 emissions.

It is, for example, a carbon neutral organisation. Triodos Bank tries, first and foremost, to avoid emitting CO2 by, for example, using video conferencing to reduce air travel. If some emissions are necessary, it attempts to limit them as far as possible.

Some CO2 emissions are inevitable, given Triodos Bank’s activities as a pan-European bank with significant business and relationships around the world. When these do occur, they are compensated, via "Gold standard" projects from the Climate Neutral Group.

The year at a glance

CO2 emissions per FTE in 2017 decreased to 2.36 tonnes compared to 2.62 tonnes in 2016. Total CO2 emissions across the whole of Triodos Bank decreased by 1.9% compared with 2016, despite an increase in co-workers of 8.3%. There has been a decrease in energy consumption of 10.3% per FTE, a decrease in business travel by airplane of 4.7% per FTE  and a decrease of commuting by car of 4.8% per FTE.

The amount of office paper decreased further in 2017 to 85 kg/FTE (2016: 112 kg/FTE). The amount of recycled printed paper was 0.14 kg/customer, a decrease of 17.7%.

Details of the methodology Triodos Bank uses to calculate its CO2 emissions are available on request.

Sustainable Property

Triodos Bank wants its buildings to be as sustainable as possible. To make sure they are it uses BREEAM methodology, one of the world’s leading ways to certify the sustainability of a building. This approach helps to identify improvements to the environmental performance of its buildings so it can act to address them.

BREEAM audits took place in Spain during the year and the results are expected early in 2018. An audit in Germany was postponed because of plans to move to a new office building in 2018. The audit will be part of the search for new premises instead.

Working with Sustainable Partners

Triodos Bank tries to extend its positive impact on society through the sustainable choices it makes about its suppliers.

Examples include a specialist organic gardening company employed to develop 3,000 square metres of land around Triodos Bank’s main office in Madrid. The company engages people at risk of exclusion, and with learning disabilities, in its work. While a family-run cleaning company which has developed a range of sustainable cleaning products is engaged in The Netherlands. The company employs 15 Syrian refugees as part of a programme to help build new, dignified and productive lives in The Netherlands.

How we did in 2017

Our Key Objectives for 2017

How We Did

Progress at a glance

● ● ● Met     ● ● ○ Mostly met     ● ○ ○ Partially met     ○ ○ ○ Not met




CO2 footprint data from 2016 will be shared with suppliers to create a dialogue with our suppliers.

Data was shared with key suppliers in The Netherlands, UK, Belgium and Spain, including the architect and engineer of a new office building in Malaga

● ● ●

Management information from our Travel Agent will be shared with co-workers to create awareness about our air travel behaviour.

Information shared in The Netherlands during ‘GreenWeek’ and in Belgium and Spain during the year.

UK co-workers participated in a commuting challenge winning best sustained travel over a six-week period. The relatively low numbers of German co-workers meant this was not done during the year.

● ● ●

A procurement process will start in three countries (The Netherlands, Belgium and the UK) to purchase new printers. After implementation it will be monitored to see if this leads to a further reduction in paper usage.

Procurement process executed. New printers installed in The Netherlands, UK and Belgium

● ● ●

A Green Week first started in the UK to encourage more sustainable behaviour among co-workers. It extended to The Netherlands in 2016 and will be organised across Triodos Bank’s European network in 2017.

All countries delivered their own Green Week during the year

● ● ●

Prospects 2018

  • BREEAM assessments will be analysed to identify improvements per country;
  • 2017 CO2 footprint data will be integrated and executed in all consultations with suppliers within facility management;
  • A project team will be created to update and execute Triodos Bank’s mobility policy;
  • CO2 footprint benchmark with external organisations to be performed;