At the heart of Triodos Investment Management’s socially responsible investing (SRI) philosophy lies the belief that in the long term, the most successful businesses will be those that achieve the right balance between their social, environmental and economic performances. The objective of Triodos SICAV I is to invest worldwide in listed companies and/or euro-denominated (sub-)sovereign bonds. The companies in which the sub-funds invest clearly outperform their peers on sustainability and contribute to a world that is fair, sustainable and humane, in addition to complying with the sub-funds’ minimum standards. By investing in listed companies that are examples for others in their sector, the fund aims to encourage those companies to enhance their sustainability and to continue to outperform their peers.

The companies in the investment universe tend to be large and complex organisations, which due to their size and many links with society can accelerate the pace of sustainable change. Considering their scale, the influence that stakeholders have through these companies can be significant. Triodos SICAV I is one of many stakeholders in these companies. The fund frequently collaborates with other sustainable investors and other stakeholders to encourage listed companies to enhance their sustainability. This is increasingly appreciated by companies and many consider inclusion in the investment universe an important achievement.

The key element of the SRI strategy is to stimulate change through active engagement, voting, and dialogue with the companies in the fund. In addition, by applying some of the strictest minimum standards in the sector, the fund encourages laggards to improve their performance.

Sustainability performance

Triodos SICAV I assesses the sustainability performances of companies by means of a wide range of indicators. This allows the fund to determine how the companies in its portfolios perform compared to their peers. In the table below the sustainability scores of the portfolios of Triodos Sustainable Bond Fund and Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund are compared with the sustainability scores of their respective indices. Since Triodos Sustainable Mixed Fund is a combination of the portfolios of Triodos Sustainable Bond Fund and Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund, it is not represented in the table below. Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund invests exclusively in companies that offer dedicated sustainable products and services and is therefore also not included.

Sustainability scores

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Average indicative scores* (0-100)

Bond portfolio

iBoxx € Non-Sovereigns Index


Equity portfolio

MSCI World Index



The scores are based on Sustainalytics ratings, using customised weight settings. For bonds, the sustainability scores relate to the non-sovereign constituents of the Triodos Sustainable Bond Fund portfolio and the index. Ratings are available for all but one of the companies and institutions in the portfolio of Triodos Sustainable Bond Fund; for the index, approximately 79% of the constituents are covered in the rating. Sovereign bonds are not included in the scores given above. The portfolio of Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund consists of companies that offer sustainable products or services and companies that offer the highest degree of sustainability within their sector. The sustainability score of the Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund portfolio represents 97% of the invested assets in the portfolio. The companies for which no sustainability rating is available are classified as companies with sustainable products or services. The table shows the scores as per December 31, 2017.




































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