Sustainable investment research

At the end of 2016, the Universe of Triodos SICAV I included a total of 287 companies. Of these companies 111 qualified as pioneers due to the nature of the products and services that they offered and 176 companies qualified as best-in-class. Compared with year-end 2015, the number of companies included in the Universe decreased by a net total of eight. At year-end 2016 no companies were under review.


companies in the
Triodos Sustainable
Investment Universe

The fund actively monitors the companies in its investment universe. When it suspects a potential breach of the minimum standards, it initiates a dialogue with the company involved. In 2016, Norwegian bank DnB was removed from the Universe due to involvement in fossil fuel-related activities in the Great Barrier Reef area. At the beginning of the year German company Daimler was added to the investment universe. However, shortly thereafter the company appeared to be heavily involved in controversies, which led to the removal of the company from the Universe. One of these controversies concerned an exceptionally high settlement of EUR 1 billion with EU authorities for involvement in truck pricing collusion over a period of 14 years (1997-2011). At the time of the first assessment this case was still pending. Sound Global from Singapore was removed because of corporate governance concerns. The company had already been placed under review in 2015. The company’s status was returned to ‘selected’ in March 2016 when the concerns were resolved, but when new concerns arose in July 2016 the company was removed from the Universe.

The list of countries (for sovereign bond investments) included in the Universe did not change in 2016. The list of regions eligible for investment has been expanded with the Belgian region of Flanders.

A full overview of the changes in the Universe is provided in Appendix A.

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