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Supervisory Board report

The Supervisory Board supervises and reviews the activities and the decisions of the Executive Board, the development of Triodos Bank’s operations and the realisation of its mission; and contributes to strategy development. In addition, it assists the Executive Board by providing advice and guidance. The review is based on reports on business, finance and other aspects, and on presentations and visits. These are scheduled so that all substantive areas of Triodos Bank are covered within a two-year time frame.

Triodos Bank and the economic and financial environment

The Supervisory Board is pleased that Triodos Bank continues to thrive in a challenging economic environment. During the year it has continued to extend its impact, deliver a fair profit and be both relevant and a reference point for stakeholders with an interest in values-based banking.

As anticipated, regulatory demands continued in 2014 and influenced Triodos Bank’s profitability. The organisation has responded actively and appropriately to the new regulatory framework and has set a governance framework that fits its current size. The Supervisory Board believes Triodos Bank will be better equipped to develop in the future as a result of these changes. The Executive Board’s report highlights the environment in which Triodos Bank operates; a perspective which the Supervisory Board shares. The Supervisory Board is in full agreement with these comments. It fully supports the Executive Board, and Triodos Bank’s co-workers, in their continuing efforts to make a deep-seated and positive difference to the development of people’s quality of life.

Highlights in 2014

2014 was marked by managed growth and increased impact. The gap between the proportion of funds entrusted and assets continued during the year. The Supervisory Board considers this to present a challenge both from a financial and a mission perspective and welcomed the steps the bank is taking to restore a better balance. A project to review the design and operating effectiveness of Triodos Bank’s internal governance model was designed and implemented during the year. The Supervisory Board was consulted on its implementation and monitored its progress and was satisfied with both. Efforts made to improve Triodos Bank’s risk monitoring systems continued during the year and were, in part, connected to this bank-wide project.