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Advisors and inspirers

To expand its activities, enrich its thinking and keep innovating in its products and services, Triodos Bank engages with external advisors who respond to requests or provide advice spontaneously, and individuals who inspire new opportunities and insights. These people are vitally important, particularly in the development of sustainability strategies.

Triodos Bank invites inspiring people to speak at specially convened sessions in its branches, and at international theme meetings. Meetings were held in Brussels, Belgium, for example on the topic of Health and Care during the year, with input from leading figures from the sector such as Lieve Fransen of the European Commission. Triodos Bank’s vision on energy was developed at special meetings in 2014 with input from senior academics and practitioners from the sector.

In addition in 2009, Triodos Bank co-founded the Global Alliance for Banking on Values a growing network of independent sustainable banks which provides a rich source of inspiration and challenge for senior members of Triodos Bank’s Executive Team, Supervisory Board members, and a group of younger talented professionals known as Values Ambassadors. During the year the GABV co-ordinated a major campaign to raise the profile of values-based banking around the world, with active participation in all Triodos Bank’s branches. In 2010 Triodos Bank, together with the Utrecht University, set up the Sustainable Finance Lab (Dutch). The Lab brings scientists from diverse disciplines together to develop ideas that make a powerful contribution to a sustainable, stable and robust financial sector. The organisation hosted a number of public and private meetings throughout 2014 to further this agenda.