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Triodos Investment Management

In 2012, the Triodos Investment Management's total assets under management increased by EUR 137 million to EUR 2.2 billion, a 7% increase (2011: 17% increase). (impact statistic)
  • 100% subsidiary of Triodos Bank
  • Global leader in impact investing
  • EUR 2.2 billion total assets under management
  • Managing 19 funds
  • Active in diverse sustainable sectors; from microfinance to arts and culture


Triodos Investment Management, a 100% subsidiary of Triodos Bank with responsibility for the management of the Triodos Investment Funds, is a globally recognised leader in impact investing. It manages direct investments in a variety of sectors including climate and energy, microfinance, sustainable trade, organic food and agriculture, arts and culture, sustainable real estate and listed companies with above average environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

Triodos Investment Management managed 19 funds at the end of the year. They invest in Europe and emerging markets with a range of risk-return profiles and financial instruments. Its total assets under management in 2012 grew by 7% to EUR 2.2 billion.

Private and institutional investors can invest in these funds. The retail investment funds for private investors are distributed by a number of banks, including some Triodos Bank branches. Relationships are maintained directly with institutional investors in the funds under management.

Strategic goal: growth and innovation

Triodos Investment Management's primary aim is to deliver and accelerate lasting social and sustainable economic change in line with Triodos Bank’s vision and mission.

To do this, it aims to grow the assets under management in each of its funds and launch new, innovative funds. Even in difficult market circumstances Triodos Investment Management continues to target 10 to 15% growth in the total volume of assets under management through existing and new funds. It is convinced that there is a growing appetite among investors for credible investments that deliver real impact. In 2012 it prioritised growing its investor base among small institutional investors, family offices and high-net worth individuals.

Triodos Investment Management managed 19 funds at the end 2012. They invest in Europe and emerging markets with a range of risk-return profiles and financial instruments. Its total assets under management in 2012 grew by 7% to EUR 2.2 billion (2011: 17% increase to EUR 2.1 billion).

Triodos Investment Management continuously looks for financial solutions to social and environmental challenges. To this end, it has worked on three new investment products scheduled to launch in 2013.

Corporate Finance activities were transferred to Triodos Bank’s UK branch during the year, allowing Triodos Investment Management to fully focus on its expertise as an investment fund manager.

Investing with impact: Highlights

Triodos Bank and Triodos Investment Management have more than 20 years’ experience in investment products that deliver social and sustainable economic change. As a result of this work Triodos Investment Management has become globally recognised as a front-runner in impact investing, producing social, environmental and financial returns.

In 2012 this meant:

  • a reduction of over 1.1 million tonnes of CO2, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 775 thousand European households by 1.199 MW of installed clean energy capacity.
  • Over 90,000 small-scale farmers in 19 countries worldwide were paid directly on delivery of their harvest through trade-finance facilities bringing 12 different fair-trade and organic products to international markets.
  • the management of EUR 121 million in assets in arts and culture initiatives; projects that reached 1.9 million visitors and provided affordable facilities for 1917 artists.
  • increasing the quality and sustainability of the built environment through the management of sustainable buildings that emit 60.7% less CO2 than the average building
  • In total, EUR 442 million was provided to 99 emerging and well-established inclusive finance institutions in Latin America, Asia and Africa. These institutions reach 6.9 million low-income people with loans. 6.4 million low-income people use savings-services offered by these institutions.

Engaging listed companies

Triodos Investment Management provides opportunities for people and institutions to invest in stock exchange listed companies that meet Triodos Bank’s strictest environmental, social, and governance criteria.

Through these funds (the SICAV I funds’) investors become part of a movement to make the world’s largest corporations adopt more sustainable practices. To do this Triodos Investment Management has engaged with 219 companies worldwide in 2012.

Its Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) funds managed EUR 506 million in assets dedicated to ‘best in class’ and pioneering stock exchange listed companies worldwide, as well as European state bonds, in 2012.

Funds performance

Triodos Investment Management’s total assets under management grew by EUR 137 million to EUR 2.2 billion, a 7% increase (2011: 17% increase).

This growth is primarily due to renewed growth of private investments in Triodos Groenfonds and continuing growth of institutional investments in Triodos SICAV II – Triodos Microfinance Fund, and Triodos SICAV II – Triodos Renewables Europe Fund.

Private investments in Triodos Fair Share Fund have also continued to grow, as have the Triodos SICAV I – Triodos Sustainable Funds, which benefited from substantial increases in investments from institutional and private investors.

Triodos Cultuurfonds experienced an outflow of investment after the Dutch government announced the cancellation of all tax benefits for cultural investments.