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Living the organisation’s values

Co-workers’ connection with Triodos Bank’s mission, and the way its values are apparent in their daily work, is vitally important. This manifests itself in weekly, monday morning meetings and the induction process for new co-workers.

Discussion sessions, meetings with clients (both at Triodos Bank and at the customer’s locations) were organised to better understand and experience the essence and the issues of the sectors in which Triodos Bank operates.

In the Netherlands co-workers participated in events for its clients and stakeholders ranging from discussions with scientists from think-tank, the Sustainable Finance Lab, to the Boer-Bankier-Burger Day, exploring the perspectives of a farmer, a banker, and a civilian. Most business units organised an event for all its co-workers during the year and worked, for example, on collaboration, giving and receiving feedback and dialogues about their personal connection to Triodos Bank’s values and activity.

Triodos Bank arranges two meetings each year to help support Triodos Bank’s organisational growth and to stimulate the engagement and involvement of its co-workers: an annual extended International Management Council meeting and an annual Co-worker Conference. The former focused on the deeper connection with the organisation’s roots and ambition through intensive and personal dialogues. Similar sessions, inspired by this experience, were organised within business units and at Head Office later in the year.

The annual Co-worker Conference was hosted in The Netherlands and accommodated 117 co-workers, who were invited to contribute their vision and energy around the theme: ‘Connecting in a Changing World’.

Applications for vacancies at Triodos Bank grew during the year. The careful selection of the right candidates takes into account their commitment to Triodos Bank’s values and mission, their professionalism, and a fit with Triodos Bank’s entrepreneurial and ‘hands-on’ way of working.