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Developments and conclusion

The Supervisory Board discussed the 2012 Annual Report, including the Financial Statements, with the Executive Board in the presence of the external auditors in its February 2013 meeting. The auditor’s report was reviewed as well as the quality of the internal risk management and control systems.

The Supervisory Board is of the opinion that the Financial Statements and the Executive Board report provide a true and fair view of Triodos Bank’s position. We propose that the shareholders adopt the Financial Statements of 2012 and discharge the Statutory Directors for their management of Triodos Bank during 2012 and the Supervisory Board for its supervision.

The Supervisory Board endorses the Executive Board’s dividend proposal, of EUR 1.95 (per depository receipt).

In conclusion

The Supervisory Board would like to thank all Triodos Bank’s stakeholders for their trust in Triodos Bank and the Executive Board, and all the organisation’s co-workers for their efforts. The Supervisory Board is confident that Triodos Bank will be able to cope with the challenges in 2013 and will continue to act as a reference point for the banking industry.

Zeist, 26 February 2013

Hans Voortman, Chair
Margot Scheltema, Vice-Chair
David Carrington
Marcos Eguiguren Huerta
Marius Frank
Mathieu van den Hoogenband
Jan Lamers
Carla van der Weerdt