Triodos Regenerative Money Centre complements Triodos Bank and Triodos Investment Management by extending beyond the boundaries of our current banking system by placing natural and societal return above anything else.

We do this by using regenerative money to lend, invest and donate with the primary objective to regenerate, transform and benefit our society and our planet.

Regenerative money

Money that is free(d up) in order to enable natural and/or social restoration. Free from generating immediate financial returns with the aim to restore broken systems.

Within the concept of free or regenerative money we distinguish two types: donations and catalytic investments.

Catalytic Investments
  • Revolving money

  • Impact first investing

Investments to finance game-changers that fulfil a catalytic role in regenerating, transforming and benefiting society and planet.

  • Maintaining Assets Under Management

  • Gift money

  • Impact only donating

Gift money to finance initiatives relevant for society, even when the outcome is uncertain or cannot be directly expressed in financial value.

  • No obligation to return the money

Triodos Regenerative Money Centre aims to deliver its goals by supporting initiatives that pioneer new business models in the field of Food & Nature, Social Inclusion, Money & Society and the Energy Transition. It aims to support initiatives that can fulfil a catalytic role as potential game-changer. The goal of every donation and catalytic investment is to increase consciousness and provide new perspectives on current questions in areas where, for different reasons, traditional bank and investment products cannot provide an answer (yet).

Governance structure

Triodos Regenerative Money Centre can make use of the expertise and possibilities within the wider Triodos organization for the execution of its work, but Triodos Regenerative Money Centre also explicitly seeks cooperation with external parties.

Triodos Regenerative Money Centre manages the following legal entities:

Catalytic Investments

  • Stichting Triodos Renewable Energy for Development Fund (TREDF)

  • Triodos Ventures BV (TV)

  • Triodos Sustainable Finance Foundation (TSFF)


  • Triodos Foundation (STF)

Each of the legal entities have their own board. Each board of an entity is accountable for the alignment of the decisions taken (including with regard to donations and investments) with the purpose and mandate of that entity, as defined in the Articles of Association of that entity.

The mission of Triodos Regenerative Money Centre (as a business unit of Triodos Bank NV) and the respective missions and purposes of the legal entities are in alignment.

Based upon the knowledge and skills of Triodos Regenerative Money Centre the respective legal entities have contractually delegated daily management of these entities to Triodos Regenerative Money Centre to support the realisation of the actual goals of each entity.