Triodos Bank wants to promote human dignity, environmental conservation and a focus on people’s quality of life. Key to this is a genuinely responsible approach to business, transparency and using money more consciously. Triodos Bank puts values-based banking into practice. We want to connect depositors and investors with socially responsible businesses to build a movement for a sustainable, socially inclusive society, built on the conscious use of money.

Triodos Bank’s mission is to:

  • Help create a society that promotes people’s quality of life and that has human dignity at its core.

  • Enable individuals, institutions and businesses to use money more consciously in ways that benefit people and the environment, and promote sustainable development.

  • Offer customers sustainable financial products and high-quality service.

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Market and core activities

Triodos Bank aims to achieve its mission as a sustainable bank in three ways.

As a values-driven service provider

Bank customers not only want sustainable products and services, but also fair prices and a reliable service. Triodos Bank offers products and services with a purpose to promote sustainable development. And it does so in the context of meaningful, transparent relationships with its customers.

As a relationship bank

Triodos Bank’s service is built on deepening and developing long-term relationships with its customers. Relationships are nurtured through various on- and offline channels, including offices where customers meet co-workers face to face and at community events. Triodos Bank aims to create a broad customer base that is closely connected to the Bank – a combination of private and corporate customers who have made a conscious decision to bank with Triodos Bank. Exactly how this happens differs in each country; its services have developed in different ways in each of the countries where it works, depending in part on the stage of development of the banking entities in question.

As a frontrunner in responsible banking

Triodos Bank wants to promote the conscious use of money, through its own organisation, but also in the financial sector as a whole. It stimulates public debate on issues such as the need to make corporate social responsibility mainstream as a frontrunner of values-based banking which can transform the economy. Stakeholders have encouraged Triodos Bank to focus on this role as a frontrunner. Triodos Bank, with 42 years of experience in values-based banking was a founder of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, a global movement of 70 like-minded banks committed to advancing positive change in the banking sector. Triodos Bank’s vision and approach has led to international recognition. Its participation in public debate, often through high-impact events that it hosts and participates in, means people can see what Triodos Bank stands for and hear its opinions about important social trends. Triodos Bank’s identity is crucial for its brand and reputation.