Our key objectives for 2022

How we performed

Progress at a glance

5. Reference sustainable finance platform: connecting with people and communities and supporting their desire to make a difference by dealing consciously with their money.

Growing the movement with the reference sustainable finance portal and investigating more diverse partnerships

In 2022, we have reached important milestones when it comes to unlocking impactful funcitonalities for our clients. Since March, the Triodos banking app provides investing and saving clients with insight into the impact contribution of their money. It shows up to 10 metrics, e.g. avoidance of CO2 emissions, water waste, number of microfinance loans, organic meals. Later in the year, we also transformed the community tab of the impact app into a more extensive impact feed. Via this tab, inspiring content is shared on topics such as food, charities, sustainable living, culture, mobility, clothing and housing. All these functional changes give our customers a powerful tool to assess the positive effects of their savings and investments on a daily basis.

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6. Unlocking our purpose via products: focusing on purpose-driven propositions that actualise our impact themes; developing strategies of transition per impact theme and building business lending and impact investment propositions onto them.

Identify inspiring ways to live up to and engage with our communities on our three impact themes

Our business units incorporated our three impact themes (environment, culture and social) into their commercial activities and engaged with our communities on them. In 2022, we created an internal structure that improves coordination of impact-related projects and initiatives across the Group. This will accelerate our efforts to realise our AsOneToZero (AOTZ) commitment. Offline, we organised client events in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain to engage with our communities on our three impact themes. Examples include a workshop organised by Triodos Bank in Belgium on funding audio-visual projects in the Flemish cultural sector and a cinema afternoon for children co-hosted by Triodos Bank in Germany and the cinema distributor Telepool in cooperation with the City of Düsseldorf.

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Increase our distinctiveness by expressing and implementing our strategy of measuring, managing and unlocking impact information

Our new internal structure has improved coordination of impact-related projects and initiatives across the Group. We have developed a new impact vision with a focus on five transitions and delivered the first case studies on our new impact approach. In 2023 we will deepen the impact strategy on the five transitions, which enables Triodos Bank to make better choices on where to realise the best impact-risk-return. We have given priority to further improving our client engagement tool. For this, we decided to let go of our objective of covering 95% of non-standardised loans and instead focused on introducing a client-approved scorecard. Further development of this tool will increase our ability to steer on impact and increase the value we add to our client engagement on all transition themes.

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7. Resilient and vibrant co-worker community: embedding consistent practices in local offices; fostering a leadership culture at all levels that enhances change effectiveness.

Create a culture of excellence that attracts talent and adapts to a changing world

2022 was a year of significant change for the world, the financial sector and also for Triodos Bank. Engaging our co-workers during this time of change was and is a top priority. We conducted regular surveys of co-workers to obtain feedback about what it is like to work at Triodos Bank and areas that need greater attention. This data steered improved performance in vital areas such as talent management, team cohesion and leadership. Improving awareness and engagement around equity, diversity and inclusion was another critical element of this objective. To further embed these topics, we developed an approach that combined dialogue sessions, lectures and co-worker initiatives.

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