Stepping into 2023, Triodos Regenerative Money Centre will continue to invest in, donate to and build partnerships with potential game-changers like the parties referred to under developments.

In 2023 we will work on developing initiatives in co-creation with like-minded partners and we will actively seek collaboration with frontrunners in positive change. Being part of the global movement towards a net-zero future, TRMC will also focus on investing in and donating to initiatives that can contribute to achieving this urgent goal.

We aim to put the theme of donations on the agenda and mobilise donations around specific themes via so-called ‘theme funds’. We will also draw more attention to the quality and potential of regenerative money through events.

In 2023 we will restructure our organisational set-up and further work on becoming one team in a way that serves our mission and our stakeholders best. Meanwhile, we will continue to safeguard the independence of our funds by placing natural and societal return above anything else.

We will continue to inform and involve people within the Triodos community and society at large on the potential of regenerative money by further increasing our outward focus and actively communicating about the role of money in regenerating nature and society.