Triodos Bank’s activity is split between three core divisions: Triodos Bank Retail and Business Banking; Triodos Investment Management; and Triodos Regenerative Money Centre (see Triodos Bank Group structure, page Triodos Bank Group structure 2022).

The following section provides an overview of each division in 2022, including a short description of their work, how they performed during the year and prospects for the future. The last part zooms in on our loans and investments by transition theme.

In short:

  • Retail and Business Banking, including Private Banking, was responsible for 83% of Triodos Bank’s net profit in 2022 (2021: 88%).

  • Triodos Investment Management makes up 17% (2021: 12%) of Triodos Bank’s overall net profit.

Triodos Regenerative Money Centre sets out to manage non-consolidated entities that lend, invest or donate money with an impact-first perspective and a main goal of making pioneering, transformative initiatives possible.

Products and services are offered to investors and savers enabling Triodos Bank to finance new and existing companies that contribute to the improvement of the environment or create social or cultural added value.