The Covid-19 crisis has sparked a clear and undeniable demand among investors to invest with positive impact. This is an encouraging development given the fact that the pandemic was a major setback for the global sustainability agenda as articulated in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Private investors are needed more than ever to help to realise those goals.

Within this context Triodos Investment Management will continue to build on over 25 years’ experience in bringing together values, vision, and financial returns on investment, helping to meet the European demand for values-based investment solutions that are key in the transition to a more sustainable society. Through its funds, Triodos Investment Management aims to further increase its impact in key areas related to its mission and the SDG’s.

In 2022, Triodos Investment Management’s strategic focus will continue to be on retail investors through distributors, High Net Worth Individuals, family offices and (semi-) institutional investors. After the preparatory work done in 2021, resulting in having all preconditions in place, impact mandates that accommodate institutional investors seeking investment opportunities with positive impact will have a stronger focus in 2022.

Triodos Investment Management will continue to pursue development and growth, both through expansion and further development of existing funds and by creating new impact investment products.