Fraud risk is a common risk in the financial sector. Triodos Bank performs a yearly Systematic Integrity Risk Analysis (SIRA) to assess it vulnerabilities to, amongst others, fraud. Internal fraud within Triodos is relatively low compared to the sector. Controls like internal training and awareness are in place and Triodos has pre- and in-employment procedures resulting in a low-risk culture in relation to fraud. The number of incidents has been limited in the last years and the impact minimal. External fraud is much more common as it is with peers in the sector. Triodos has implemented a number of fraud monitoring controls over the past years. In 2021, a major step was taken by implementing the stop payment functionality in Triodos Bank Netherlands. The impact of fraud on the annual results is limited. Within Triodos Bank a central KYC and Fraud domain has been set-up with a Group Director to functionally steer the Triodos Bank policy and practice on financial crime at Group level.