The lending by sector provides information about the loans and facilities outstanding per sector and per reportable banking segment. The tables present the gross outstanding balance, the total ECL (stages 1, 2, and 3) and the net amount per sector. The gross outstanding balance includes interest receivable and fair value hedge adjustment.

The percentage shown is the percentage of the net amount per sector compared to the total net amount.

The number shows the number of loan accounts and facilities per sector. The definition of the number of loans and facilities has been sharpened in this lending by sector section to give better insight in the average facility balance. The number of loans and facilities now excludes the number of current accounts and credit cards with no overdraft balance. The comparable figures for 2020 have been changed accordingly. Of the number of accounts - loans and advances to customers 45,509 accounts (2020: 46,536 accounts) relate to facilities that have no overdraft balances and have therefore not been included in the lending by sector overviews.

The structure of the lending by sector has been updated such that the sectors include loans and current accounts related to business banking. Mortgages are shown separately. Other facilities include private loans, other current accounts and credit cards. The comparable figures for 2020 have been changed accordingly.