Our key objectives for 2021

How we did

Progress at a glance

5. Reference sustainable finance platform: connecting with people and communities and supporting their desire to make a difference by dealing consciously with their money.

Create a prototype of the reference sustainable finance platform including value case and realisation roadmap and start executing on it

Further implementation of the aggregator functionality (for retail customers’ impact) has experienced some delay in execution but was resumed in the last quarter of 2021. Important functionalities providing insight into community engagement and impact generated via investments and savings are currently being executed. We have also devised a concept for a Participatory Community for clients which will be further developed in 2022.

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6. Unlocking our purpose via products: focusing on purpose-driven propositions that actualise our impact themes; developing strategies of transition per impact theme and building business lending and impact investment propositions onto them.

Develop strategies of transition per impact theme (energy and climate, food and agriculture, social inclusion) and translate them into scalable business propositions, primarily for the bank and T-IM

Throughout the year, our business banking units have actively included our three impact-theme visions in their sector approaches. We embarked on our As One to Zero journey towards our Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) goals on carbon sequestration and emission reduction for our built environments and farming lending portfolios. In May 2021, we signed a guarantee agreement for the creative and cultural sector under the EU’s Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS) guarantee facility, to provide up to EUR 200 million in loans to entrepreneurs in the creative and cultural sectors over the next two years in EU Member States where we operate.

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Invest in measuring, managing, and unlocking impact information through new measurement tools and impact functionality.

In the past year, implementation of the Impact Prism (impact of lending) remained largely on track.

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7. Resilient and vibrant co-worker community: embedding consistent practices in local offices that conform to the Group Strategic Plan 2019-2021; fostering a leadership culture at all levels that enhances change effectiveness.

Enable and support co-workers and the organisation in realising our strategy, in line with Make Change Work

Building on experiences from 2020, we continued to adapt to remote and digital working conditions and provided continuing support to co-workers. At the same time, implementation of our new feedback and performance management approach proceeded according to plan. Our online learning platform was expanded to include GDPR and compliance training. Recognising equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) as a vital element of social inclusion, we are further developing and solidifying our EDI policy.

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