Our key objectives for 2021

How we did

Progress at a glance

8. Participate in global debate: influencing the public’s perception of the role of money by leveraging our networks and partnerships and participating in public debate on topics that relate to our mission; not just financing change, but changing finance.

Execute our Change Finance Strategy 2020-2022

Among the many initiatives during 2021, we made it a first priority to become climate-neutral in 2035, issuing this bold statement by publishing our As One to Zero target and investigating how to achieve this. We were present during the COP26 to advocate for climate change, biodiversity, and social renewal, and took a vocal stance on excluding gas and nuclear energy from the green taxonomy. Internally we further developed and refined our vision on social inclusion.

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9. Triodos Regenerative Money Centre (TRMC): leveraging impact through TRMC, positioned alongside Triodos Bank and Triodos Investment Management.

Position the Triodos Regenerative Money Centre to increase and leverage our impact

TRMC has developed its Catalytic Investment and Donation Strategies, and defined approaches for structural involvement with entities of Triodos Bank. As a result of this, important co-creations were realised in collaboration with Triodos Bank the Netherlands, Triodos Bank Germany, and Triodos Bank Spain. Externally, we organised and participated in events to underline the need for regenerative money (a.o. Regenerative Alliance, Pakhuis de Zwijger etc) and initiated an article in FD regarding the need for regenerative money in current times.

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