Sustainable investments are at the heart of Triodos Bank’s work. The organisation promotes change by financing sustainable initiatives in key sectors. Their combined impact gives Triodos Bank the credibility to change finance. By increasing our influence, we are better able to stimulate positive systemic change in the banking sector.

The boundaries of sustainable investments are determined by Triodos Bank’s mission, business principles and minimum standards. These investments have a direct impact on entrepreneurs, businesses, sectors and society, which is further detailed in the Impact by sector chapter (see page Impact by sector). The definition of sustainable investments and whether or not to finance a prospective customer is constrained by Triodos Bank’s lending and investment criteria and based on balanced decisions made by experts in Triodos Bank’s lending and investment teams.

Procedures to assess and screen risks are undertaken by business managers supported by risk managers within Triodos Bank’s European network of offices. This process is described in more depth in the Risk and compliance chapter (see page Risk and compliance). Triodos Bank’s relationship managers interact with our borrowing customers on these issues. And all our assets are subject to positive and negative environmental and social screening.