Sustainability is not only about environmental issues, but also about social inclusion. This is linked with social inequality, which is increasingly dividing society. Triodos Bank aims to support a society that protects and promotes quality of life for all, with human dignity at its core.

We support those that contribute to a thriving, mutually supportive community and society, within the boundaries of this planet. The social and environmental transitions we face are inextricably connected and this makes social inclusion a key strategic theme. Triodos Bank is stepping up efforts to put social inclusion into practice for our clients, stakeholders and within the organisation (Impact by sector - social ). The latter is highlighted in more detail below in Responsible employer and in the Co-worker report .

The COVID-19 pandemic has also shown that social inclusion and sustainability go hand in hand. We cannot and must not see these two parts as being separate. Everyone is affected by the pandemic, but the extent to which people are affected varies widely for individuals all around the world.


people provided with accomodation via social housing projects financed