Protecting client data is seen as a priority by both our stakeholders and ourselves. Triodos Bank believes money can help change the world. Data can have a big impact too. Data helps Triodos Bank become a better bank by improving our service offerings and operations. We can use better understanding of the world and its people to prevent waste, reduce costs and create benefits for society. It helps us discover or predict risks and fraud, and enhance the reliability of our services.

When it comes to privacy and data protection, Triodos Bank believes:

  • that data is an abstraction, reduction of reality and an interpretation of behaviour. The world cannot be captured in abstractions and people should not be reduced to the data collected about them. And since data refers to the past it is not always a reliable predictor of the future.

  • that every individual has the right to be different in different situations, in other roles or at different times.

  • that each individual should maintain power and control over their own life, including personal data. This calls for freedom of choice, fairness and transparency on data collection, processing and usage.

  • that data is valuable; therefore, Triodos Bank has an obligation to keep the data it holds accurate, secure and confidential.

In addition to the issues we highlight here, we also publish an extensive data protection policy: ‘Respecting privacy and protecting personal data’ is available at