All of our products contribute to the development of sustainable sectors. Products with a purpose are an important part of our strategic effort to ‘unlock our purpose’. They connect us with clients and society. The products we offer serve to prompt or stimulate actions from our clients. For example, private mortgages are available in Triodos Bank Netherlands, Spain and Belgium, which incentivise clients to improve energy efficiency by offering a discount on their mortgage rate as the environmental performance of their home improves.

Products are developed and managed at a business unit level by specialists in relevant fields. Platforms at Group level also provide a space to agree significant new products, share best practice and evaluate their performance across business units. This ensures that we can respond to local demand with appropriate, mission-linked products and services.

Another concrete example of a product with a purpose is the guarantee agreement signed by Triodos Bank and the European Investment Fund (EIF) in 2021. This guarantee facility allows Triodos Bank to provide up to EUR 200 million in loans to entrepreneurs in the creative and cultural sectors over the next two years in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Germany.