New sustainable ventures are pioneering new enterprises that tackle at least one of society’s key challenges. For Triodos Bank, the transition to a regenerative economy is one of the most important, and a boundary for this material topic. Triodos Regenerative Money Centre (TRMC) aims to increase the conscious use of money through donations and catalytic investments. The initiative’s goal is to support a regenerative economy that serves people and is a steward of the earth’s ecosystems. TRMC aims to deliver its goals by supporting initiatives that pioneer new business models with an explicit goal to regenerate society and the planet. It aims to support initiatives that can fulfil a catalytic role as potential game-changers. The goal of every donation and catalytic investment is to increase consciousness and provide new perspectives on current questions in areas where, for different reasons, traditional bank and investment products cannot yet provide an answer.

TRMC manages four initiatives in one centre (Triodos Foundation, Triodos Sustainable Finance Foundation, Triodos Renewable Energy for Development Fund and Triodos Ventures). By combining these activities in one centre with a clear focus on transition thinking, Triodos Bank aims to further increase its impact.