By directly engaging in business relationships with entrepreneurs, personal customers and Depository Receipt holders, Triodos Bank mobilises deposits and investments to finance values-driven entrepreneurs. This is delivering on our mission to be a catalyst for cultural, social and environmental change.

Engaging with communities is a material topic, whose boundaries are defined by Triodos Bank’s positive lending criteria. These criteria and our broader business model ensure that a very high percentage of our operations involve engagement with communities. Potential borrowers and investees are subject to a social and environmental assessment. As a bank that does not have a branch network in most countries where we operate, many of the communities we serve are not local to the business. For this reason, we do not conduct significant local community development programmes.

Triodos Bank discloses the results of its own social, environmental and cultural assessments in its annual report and other reports. This work is supported by a stakeholder engagement plan that is underpinned by a detailed description of our stakeholder groups, as set out in Materiality analysis (see above).

Triodos Bank has a grievance process that makes it accountable to third parties.