This has been a year of contradictions. People worldwide are still greatly affected by the continued pandemic and the climate crisis. We all are learning how to deal with the impact these two major crises have on our lives and on those of future generations. The current system is out of balance, it is exploiting people and planet.

There is a new sense of urgency about how we tackle these crises. There is growing awareness that change is required, that we need to restore the balance between give and take. To tackle today’s most challenging problems and transform our economy, we need a radically different approach. We need to pioneer and track down the (new) financial instruments that can serve the new businesses and models that can offer solutions.

TRMC is building a healthy project pipeline in pursuit of that objective. Joining forces and building partnerships with like-minded parties has been a big part of our work, stimulating new investments and donations. Innovating with others to create the appropriate financial instrument for specific initiatives is at the core of what we do. We often work through partnerships to devise blended finance structures.

Aiming for a sustainable and inclusive society for the generations to come, we joined with others in donating to Lab Future Generations. The Lab tests and develops tools that guide governments and companies in their thinking about the long-term effects of their decisions on people who have yet to be born.

In Aardpeer, TRMC has co-created, alongside its three partners, a movement to safeguard agricultural land (and soil vitality) for future generations. By issuing a first and a second bond, the proceeds from which are used to remove agricultural land from the speculative market, we are offering farmers secure access to affordable land, guaranteeing healthy soil and food for future generations. This is a leverage point for the transition to a resilient natural capital environment.

Triodos Regenerative Money Centre reached its 2021 targets in terms of number of investments and donations as well as in terms of the innovative nature of the initiatives supported. Besides our continuous investment and donation activities we were able to formulate more clearly how regenerative money can contribute to today’s challenges and what makes it important for our common understanding of the role of money in today’s society. Regenerative money has true transformative power.

On a final note, 2021 was the year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Triodos Foundation. We took this opportunity together with Triodos Bank to organise a panel discussion addressing imbalance in today’s society and the consequences for inequality.