Triodos Bank’s stakeholders are key to determining the focus and attention of the organisation’s efforts. This section identifies key stakeholder groups and highlights their most important material issues at Triodos Bank. We focus on these in our reporting.

Stakeholder dialogue: keeping us on our toes

Triodos Bank continually seeks to connect with the world around us. This is essential if we are to remain relevant, continue to progress and meet our frontrunner ambitions. All our business and financial decisions have an impact on our stakeholders. In turn, the societal themes embraced by our stakeholders have an impact on what we do and how we do it. Our essence defines us. It is the starting point of our conversations with the broader stakeholder community. How we bring our essence to life through our actions is informed by our engagement with key stakeholders and developments in society at large.

We have benefitted from free-flowing discussions with our stakeholders over many years and in varied ways. We invite NGOs and citizens to participate in evening debates, we conduct surveys and organise regular meetings for depository receipt holders. Our co-workers at Group level, in Triodos Investment Management and at our various country offices regularly engage in these and other activities.

In addition to numerous interactions throughout the year at all levels of our organisation, we follow a formal process to analyse which issues are most important both to our stakeholders and our organisation (materiality analyses). We integrate these issues into our management objectives. Our reporting on progress of these objectives follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. For more information about how Triodos Bank engages with its stakeholders visit