Arts and culture

Arts and culture play an important role in the personal development of individuals and in social cohesion. They reveal new perspectives and inspire and connect people. The global pandemic has radically reduced mobility and increased social restrictions. As a result, many planned activities in the arts and culture sector became difficult or impossible after March 2020. Triodos Bank has been in close contact with its customers to assess their immediate needs. We have prioritised this above gathering impact data.

Therefore, where actual impact data was not available, the impact figures were reported based on conservative estimates for this sector. These are mostly derived from the first three months of 2020 and are, understandably, in many cases below the 2019 figures, while a handful of organisations managed to develop online streaming programmes and even increased their number of visitors and spectators. In Spain, we have accessed new clients who we have helped to continue with their activity through this crisis, with the assistance of Spanish Government guaranteed loans and other special agreements in the culture sector.

As a result of our lending and investment activity during 2020, Triodos Bank helped make it possible for 8.4 million visitors (2019: 25.8 million) to enjoy cultural events including cinemas, theatres and museums, a reduction of 67% compared to last year. The number equates to 11 cultural experiences per Triodos Bank customer.

Triodos Bank and Triodos Investment Management finance also helped approximately 4,100 artists and creative companies remain active in the cultural sector (2019: 3,600), an increase of almost 14%, mainly from new loans in the Spanish market, supporting creative companies through the COVID-19 pandemic. Theatre, music and dance productions from these creative companies were attended live or online via streaming by 3.5 million people (2019: 1.7 million). New productions from the film and media sector financed by Triodos Bank (most importantly in Spain) were seen by more than 11 million people (2019: 9 million).

Triodos Bank and Triodos Investment Management also financed organisations that provided 4,300 affordable spaces for cultural activities, such as workshops and music courses (2019: 4,600).


Triodos Bank believes that education brings huge benefits to the individual, in terms of personal development and well-being,, and to society, in terms of economic development and social cohesion. The organisations we finance in this sector include schools, training institutions and conference centres.

Approximately 623,000 individuals benefited from the work of 600 education initiatives financed by Triodos Bank in 2020 (2019: 660,000). For every Triodos Bank customer, the equivalent of almost 1 person was able to learn and grow because of education provided by an establishment we financed.