The report in brief

The Executive Board chapter provides an overview of Triodos Bank’s perspective on the wider world it operates in, its impact and activity in 2020 and its prospects for the future. To help make this chapter easier to navigate we have broken it down into its constituent parts:

A narrative section: a high-level perspective on the world we’re in and Triodos Bank’s place in it can be read in The year 2020 - unlike any other .

A second section gives an analysis of our key or material topics: these topics are defined by our stakeholders and Triodos Bank, and reported on throughout the report and specifically in Our stakeholders and material topics . They inform our strategic objectives, which are also described here, including our progress against our goals and plans for the future (Strategic objectives ).

A third section describes our results of 2020, in terms of our financial performance, the impact we enable through our finance and the consequences this impact has for our environment (emissions). Subsequently, in Understanding impact we highlight our vision on impact management and the steps we’ve taken to safeguard our sustainable mission.

A fourth and final section summarises our approach and results as an organisation, our direct impact. This section includes a Co-worker report and an Environmental report as well as important risk and compliance information in Risk and compliance .