Triodos Bank defines Reputation Risk as the risk arising from negative perception by customers, counterparties, shareholders or regulators, which can adversely affect the bank’s ability to maintain existing, or establish new, (business) relationships and continued access to sources of funding.

Being a mission-driven bank, Triodos Bank’s reputation is vital to its ability to pursue its mission. As such, Triodos Bank’s reputation is managed in a proactive manner, for the most part by ‘doing things right’ and ‘doing right in line with Triodos Bank’s mission’. Generally, proactively managing its reputation implies for Triodos Bank (i) to attract and retain qualified employees with a strong affinity with Triodos Bank’s mission and values; (ii) to maintain a sound risk governance structure, enabling the execution and control of the bank-related processes correctly; and (iii) to actively position Triodos Bank’s identity, its positive impact (for the longer term) and connection to society.