Triodos Bank’s activity is split between two core divisions, Triodos Bank’s retail and business banking and Triodos Investment Management. The following chapter provides an overview of our work in 2018 in each, including a short description of their work, key sub-sectors and how they performed during the year, as well as prospects for the future:

  • Retail and Business Banking, including Private Banking, which was responsible proportionately for 85% of Triodos Bank’s net profit in 2018
  • Triodos Investment Management and Investment Advisory Services, which makes up 15% of Triodos Bank’s overall net profit.

Products and services are offered to investors and savers enabling Triodos Bank to finance new and existing companies that contribute to the improvement of the environment, or create social or cultural added value. Details of these products and services follow below.

Privacy of client data is important to both Triodos Bank’s stakeholders and the organisation itself. Triodos Bank believes money can help change the world and that data can as well. Data can be used to better understand both the world and people. This understanding can be used to prevent waste, reduce costs and create benefits for society. Data helps Triodos Bank to become a better bank by improving its service offerings and operations. It helps discover or predict risks, fraud and enhance the reliability of its services. Triodos Bank is aware of the fact that the (personal) data it processes can be sensitive and can impact the privacy of its clients and employees. As such, it is committed to respecting privacy and ensuring data protection.

When it comes to privacy and data protection, Triodos Bank believes:

  • that data is an abstraction, reduction of reality and an interpretation of behaviour. The world cannot be captured in abstractions. People should not be reduced to the data collected about them. And while data refers to the past it is not always a reliable predictor for the future
  • that every individual has the right to be different in different situations, in other roles or at different times
  • that each individual should maintain power and control over her or his own life, including personal data. This calls for freedom of choice, fairness and transparency on data collection, processing and usage
  • that data is valuable, therefore Triodos Bank has an obligation to keep the data it holds accurate, secure and confidential.

During 2018 Triodos Bank created and published its vision on privacy and took steps that flowed from it including putting users in control of their own data, complying with GDPR regulations and being fully transparent about its approach.