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Impact – delivering more than just financial results

Triodos Investment Management’s mission is to make money work for positive change. More specifically its aim as an investor is to serve as a catalyst in the transition to an economy where people and planet come first, in line with the vision and mission of Triodos Bank.

Triodos Investment Management continues to see an increasing demand from investors for credible investments that deliver real impact and not just financial results, not least because of its own continuing growth. In 2017 it continued to focus on growing its investor base through third party distribution to retail investors, through other banks and Triodos Bank, and professional investors that cater for impact investment solutions for individual investors. In addition, it has further developed its international distribution network and institutional investor base.

Triodos Bank and Triodos Investment Management have more than 25 years’ experience in investment products that deliver social and sustainable economic change. As a result of this work Triodos Investment Management has become globally recognised as a front-runner in impact investing.

In 2017 this meant:

  • contributing to a reduction of over 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions (2016: 0.9 million) and, with a total generating capacity of 1,330 MW clean energy, producing the equivalent of the electricity needs of 733,000 European households (2016: 550,000);
  • over 146,000 smallholder farmers (2016: 184,000) in 17 emerging market countries worldwide were paid directly and fairly upon delivery of their harvest through trade-finance facilities, bringing 12 different agricultural products to international markets from 60,000 hectares of certified organic farmland and an additional 17,000 hectares in conversion;
  • that the organically managed land on the European farms which Triodos Investment Management financed could produce the equivalent of 8.0 million meals, or enough food to provide a sustainable diet for approximately 7,300 people (2016: 6,500). Together approximately 9,400 hectares of organic farmland was financed across Europe;
  • the lending and investment in arts and culture initiatives that reached 2.1 million visitors to enjoy cultural events (2016: 3.9 million) and provided affordable facilities for approximately 1,900 artists, participants and cultural organisations (2016: 1,700);
  • increasing the quality and sustainability of the built environment through the management of a portfolio of sustainable buildings amounting to more than 77,000m2 for office and other commercial space (2016: 87,000m2), that emit almost 33% less CO2 than the average for buildings;
  • providing finance to 107 emerging and well-established financial institutions working for inclusive finance in Latin America, Asia and Africa. These institutions reached approximately 20.3 million customers borrowing for a better quality of life (2016: 20.2 million).Approximately 15.1 million people living on low incomes use savings services offered by these institutions (2016: 13.7 million).