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Funds’ performance

Triodos Investment Management’s total assets under management grew by EUR 173 million to EUR 3.5 billion, a 5% increase (2016: 5% increase) during the year.

Triodos Organic Growth Fund increased its assets under management during the year by 21.1% to EUR 49.2 million. Triodos Fair Share Fund and Triodos Microfinance Fund grew by 7.5% and 3.2% to EUR 353.4 million and EUR 368.4 million respectively. The Triodos Sustainable Funds (Triodos SICAV l), which invest in listed companies, grew by 4.2% to EUR 1,403.9 million.

For both Triodos Culture Fund and Triodos Renewables Europe Fund the assets under management decreased, by 4.9% to EUR 92.3 million and by 5.2% to EUR 70.0 million respectively.

Assets under management in the Dutch Triodos Green Fund increased by 9.9% to EUR 849.7 million. Triodos Green Fund was temporarily closed to the inflow of new investments, as of 15 November 2017. This avoided jeopardizing its fiscal status as a green investment fund by dropping under the 70% limit of approved green investments. The fund reopened on 2 January 2018.

Triodos Real Estate Fund grew its assets under management by 10.9% to EUR 73.8 million, following a successful issue of new ordinary shares. The issue was executed by means of a private placement with qualified investors and a public placement with existing and new investors. In total, the fund issued 8,116,763 new shares, adding EUR 22.7 million to the fund’s capital. The issue price for both placements was EUR 2.80.

Triodos Multi Impact Fund, the Triodos fund-of-funds, increased its fund size by 17.2% to EUR 45.7 million by the year end. The fund enables private investors to invest directly in a mix of Triodos investment funds and impact bonds, meeting the increasing demand for accessible, scalable and daily tradable investment products with a positive impact.