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Triodos Investment Management

EUR 3.5 billion

In 2017, the Triodos
Investment Management's
total assets under
management increased to
EUR 3.5 billion, a 5%
increase (2016: 5% increase).

  • 100% subsidiary of Triodos Bank
  • Global leader in impact investing
  • EUR 3.5 billion total assets under management
  • Managing 18 funds
  • Active in diverse sustainable sectors; from microfinance to arts and culture


Triodos Investment Management is a globally recognised leader in impact investing and consists of Triodos Investment Management BV and Triodos Investment and Advisory Services BV, both wholly owned subsidiaries of Triodos Bank NV.

Triodos Investment Management manages direct investments in a variety of sectors including energy and climate, inclusive finance, sustainable trade, organic farming, organic food and sustainable lifestyle companies, arts and culture, sustainable real estate and listed companies with above average environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

Triodos Investment Management manages 18 funds. They invest in Europe and emerging markets with a range of risk-return profiles and financial instruments.

Private and professional investors can invest in these funds. The investment funds for private investors are distributed by a number of platforms and banks, including the majority of Triodos Bank’s branches. Triodos Investment Management also maintains direct relationships with professional and institutional investors.