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Impact Investments

Investments take place through investment funds or investment institutions bearing the Triodos name and are managed by Triodos Investment Management. The funds are offered to retail investors through Triodos Bank and third parties like other banks, and to non-retail investors in several countries. The investment funds vary in size and risk profile. You can find more details about Triodos Investment Management’s work here.

Sales of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Funds managed by Triodos Investment Management doubled in the UK to around GBP £20 million. The UK branch Managing Director joined an Advisory Group to the Government charged with growing Impact Investment whose report was launched towards the year end.

To that end, Triodos UK prepared to launch the first ever social investment crowdfunding platform from a UK bank ( to give people the opportunity to invest directly in organisations delivery positive change.

In Belgium capital inflow in distributed funds continued to grow. At the same, stock prices went up. Together this resulted in growth in distributed funds of 19.1% (2016: 12%) to EUR 227 million. The volume of Private Banking clients portfolios grew by 16.4% to EUR 408 million (2016: EUR 351 million). A Triodos Impact Portfolio was launched in Belgium. This new service enables investment in a basket of Triodos investment funds, that are aligned with the investors’ profile. The branch raised EUR 20.5 million in new capital for the bank during a campaign at the end of the year together with the permanent offer of depository receipts.

In Spain a campaign was launched in the last quarter of the year as part of a pension plan which uses stringent Socially Responsible Investment and impact criteria. Each new plan prompted a donation to the Spanish Commission for Refugees. EUR 12.0 million was also raised in equity thanks to a campaign at the end of the year together with the permanent offer of depository receipts. Over 8,000 Spanish clients now invest in Triodos Bank.

EUR 3.9 million was invested during the year in Triodos sustainable funds in Germany. Its funds now total EUR 16.6 million (2016:12.6 million). The number of depository receipt holders increased by 21% to 742, investing an additional EUR 3.4 million in equity.

In The Netherlands growth in distributed funds was 9% and EUR 115 million (2016: 95 million).

The Dutch branch contributed EUR 56 million in new capital for the bank itself with 1,700 new depository receipt holders choosing to invest.