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Charities, social enterprise and values-driven businesses provide vital support for disadvantaged people – from social care to those providing employment opportunities for vulnerable people. Beyond Europe, our impact investing activity targets values-based institutions providing inclusive financial services in emerging markets across the world.

Social – 27% of loans and investments in the social sector (pie chart)

Percentage of our loans and funds investments in the social sector


Community projects and social housing

Social enterprise has the potential to have a profound effect on the development of a sustainable social economy by providing entrepreneurial solutions to social problems.

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Health care

How we use finance as a catalyst for change in health and social care organisations, including elderly people, people with disabilities or individuals living with health problems.

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Inclusive finance

Inclusive financial services are critical to building healthier and fairer economies. We work with leading values-based organisations working in microfinance and inclusive finance across the world, influencing the lives of millions of people.

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