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Triodos Bank’s Internal Governance

Triodos Bank is a European bank with branches in The Netherlands (Zeist), Belgium (Brussels), the UK (Bristol), Spain (Madrid) and Germany (Frankfurt). It also has Triodos Finance: an intermediary for Triodos Bank N.V. in France. The Head Office and statutory seat is in Zeist, The Netherlands.

Foundation for the Administration of Triodos Bank Shares (SAAT)

Triodos Bank believes it is crucial that its mission and identity is protected. For that reason, all Triodos Bank’s shares are held in trust by SAAT, the Foundation for the Administration of Triodos Bank Shares. SAAT then issues depository receipts for Triodos Bank shares to the public and institutions. These depository receipts embody the economic aspects of the shares of Triodos Bank. SAAT exercises the voting rights attached to the Triodos Bank shares. The Board of SAAT’s voting decisions are guided by Triodos Bank’s object and mission, its business interests, and the interests of the depository receipt holders. Triodos Bank depository receipts are not listed on any stock exchange. Instead, Triodos Bank maintains its own platform for trading in depository receipts. It determines the price of the depository receipts, on a daily basis using a fixed calculation model that calculates the net asset value (NAV) per depository receipt.

Depository receipt holders

Depository receipt holders are entitled to vote at the General Meeting of depository receipt holders. Each depository receipt holder is limited to a maximum of 1,000 votes. The General Meeting of depository receipt holders appoints the members of the Board of SAAT, based on the Board’s recommendations. These recommendations must be approved by Triodos Bank’s Executive Board and Supervisory Board. No depository receipt holder may hold more than 10% of all issued depository receipts.

Triodos Bank’s Supervisory Board

Triodos Bank has a Supervisory Board, which monitors Triodos Bank’s business operations and advises the Executive Board to benefit its business interests. Members of the Supervisory Board are appointed and reappointed by the General Meeting of Triodos Bank, based on recommendations from the Supervisory Board.

Triodos Bank’s Executive Board

The members of the Executive Board have a shared overall responsibility for the management of Triodos Bank. The Executive Board members have a leadership role in strategic development, alignment and ensuring the delivery of the organisation’s goals. They are accountable to the Supervisory Board who appoints them.

Stichting Triodos Foundation

Stichting Triodos Foundation is an institution that makes donations to initiatives that help Triodos Bank to deliver its sustainable goals. Similar foundations have been set up in Belgium, the UK and Spain.